3 Tips For Making Money Online In 2019

Be successful in 2019, not messy!

Do you want to increase your business revenue and make 2019 your company’s best year ever? If you are like most small business owners the answer is a big hearty “HECK YEAH!” Of course you aspire to market your brand, service, or product more effectively, which probably means marketing it more aggressively and more extensively… But what is the best way to do this in 2019? Well, I know a thing or two about Internet marketing so I thought I’d share with you my top 3 tips for making a whole bunch of money online in 2019*.

1. Keep Your Office Clean

Maintaining a clean office may seem like an impossible task when you are busy running your business. After all, aren’t there more important things to do that will have a greater impact on your bottom line?

Well, the truth is that having a cluttered workspace is likely to cause you to feel stress and overwhelm (even if it’s only subconscious) and those are not good things to feel if you want to make big business moves in 2019. So clean up that mess and see how much better you feel. If you are making over 10K a month I would definitely recommend hiring a company like these Tampa office cleaning specialists to do the job for you. After all, nobody said you had to do everything yourself. If you are strapped for cash you could also consider having a niece or nephew do the cleaning for you as long as they are a detail oriented individual! And if you work from home then it’s even more important to keep your work area clean – no excuses!

2. Use Video Marketing

An increasing number of marketing gurus are saying that the way to do all these is through the use of video marketing. Everybody is watching videos. Today’s lifestyle puts a premium on what is fast, convenient, and within reach. If people need information, they need it NOW. And they want is ASAP. So if someone is looking for a particular product or service, he is likely to look it up on the internet – and to click on a video for the information he needs. A savvy online businessman who knows this for a fact will use it to maximize sales. If you set up and execute your marketing videos shrewdly, you can get customers who view them make their purchase immediately after they view your online video-ad.

Video marketing is an effective means of reaching a lot of people FAST. People have taken to the habit of being constantly on the internet. And when they find something interesting and fun, they “share” their discovery. If you are able to package your service or product through an immensely exciting, informative, appealing and attention-grabbing video, you are likely to reach a lot of prospects, and to increase this exponentially when you are able to motivate them to share your videos.

3. Take Time Off With Loved Ones

This one is a bit counter-intuitive. It would seem like in order to make more money you should work as much as possible, but really this is not the case. Ever hear of “burnout”? Don’t go there. Instead, I recommend taking a week off at least every 6 months and if possible every quarter. That way you can keep your relationships with your loved ones going good, and you can get a chance to recharge and think about what is really important and why you are running a business in the first place. 

I hope you found these 3 tips helpful – and I hope that 2019 is your best year ever!

*Results will vary.

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