The 3 Best Supplements To Boost Productivity & Energy Levels

Be productive already!

These days people of all ages are looking for ways new and innovative ways to increase energy levels. Topping the list are exercise regimes, special diets, meditation and high end mattresses and sleep tracking apps, and don’t forget about supplements!

As you my already know, there are a ton of different nutritional supplements that claim that they can help people think more clearly, maintain consistent energy throughout the day and perform at their highest level possible both in business and at the gym.

But Which Energy Boosting Supplements Actually Work?

That is the question!

Well, I’ve taken it upon myself to try a number of the most popular brain and energy supplements, and I can tell you which ones I like personally and what I have learned about these types of products while conducting my own online research.

1 – Patriot Power Greens

Patriot Power Greens is an all natural drink powder made by a company called The Patriot Health Alliance that is headed up by a Dr. named Dr Lane Sebring. I started drinking this stuff a few years ago and I never looked back. At first I questioned how powerful Patriot Greens could actually be, considering the fact that it is mostly just dehydrated fruits and vegetables like Kale, spinach and broccoli, apple and that type of thing that most people get some of anyway through their normal diets.

The idea behind Patriot Greens and the other green drink (and red drink) powders is that they provide special plant compounds and nutrients that help to fight inflammation and help improve the way the body functions in numerous ways. I can’t go through all of the ways that Patriot Greens is supposed to work scientifically, but you can learn some more of the science behind how it works on the company website.

I will say that I didn’t feel anything too amazing overnight. After a few weeks though there was a noticeable effect however. Maybe it’s all mental – but I really feel like this stuff is doing something pretty profound! It’s like as if my body is finally getting all of those little known compounds and vitamins that it has been dying for all these years.

2 – Ashwagandha

Cool name right?

Let me tell you – I had a friend of mine start raving to me about how good this stuff is, so I got some, and I feel like this particular supplement really started getting the job done, like right away.

Ashwagandha is an herb that has been used as a medicine in Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years and there have been a ton of studies done on it that show some pretty interesting things. Of course WebMD is skeptical, as they always are, but I find they are a good resource for summing up what a herbal supplement does – and they state that “Ashwagandha contains chemicals that might help calm the brain, reduce swelling (inflammation), lower blood pressure…” Well that sounds good to me since I’m not a fan of chronic inflammation and I like having a calm brain as that is usually preferable to a stressed-out chaotic brain!

Technically is an adaptagen – which is a special classification of herbs that can supposedly help the body stay safe from the effects of toxic stress, which hopefully we can all agree sounds pretty cool!

3 – Bullet Proof Coffee

While this one isn’t exactly an herbal supplement – I had to put it on this short list because in many ways I think of it as part of my supplement regime. If you haven’t heard of Bullet Proof Coffee (or BPC for short) it’s really nothing short of a phenomenon. I mean 5 years ago almost nobody had heard of BPC and nowadays they are serving it Whole Foods for like $7 a cup!

You can read all the details on BPC here – but essentially the idea is to make coffee using fancy “mold free” coffee beans, and then mix that coffee with a special liquid called Brain Octane Oil which is basically high end MCT Oil (basically coconut oil) and grass fed butter.

I have to admit, I tried the “bulletproof” brand products and didn’t notice a big difference, so I make my BPC with regular old Starbucks (or Whole Foods) coffee beans and plain old organic unfiltered coconut oil, and it works just as good fo me and tastes even better.

Obviously if you aren’t a coffee fan then this might not be for you – but if you are already a coffee drinker then I definitely recommend giving it a try. I find that this stuff gives me much more steady, calm energy than plain old coffee does and also works well for me as an appetite suppressant, so if you need to lose weight you may just do well with it. The Keto community has definitely embraced BPC for this exact reason.

Of course there are many more energy and brain supplements that I’ve tried and had varying degrees of success with – but for me, these 3 are the big winners. Give them a try and let em know what you think!

Why You Need To Buy An Adjustable Desk If You Work Online

a standing desk
Not an adjustable desk, but a standing desk beats sitting on your ass all day photo credit:

Not an adjustable desk, but a standing desk beats sitting on your ass all day
Not an adjustable desk, but a standing desk beats sitting on your ass all day photo credit:

A fast-paced world waits for no one, and in a world where everything can be done online, your seat and desk have both become more than simple furniture. On a daily basis they transform into your nook, your niche, and basically the place where you make magic happen.

But did you know that subjecting your body to just one position for hours at a time can be detrimental to your health? While staying seated for long periods of time can sound like heaven to most of the desk-working class, it’s not advisable to stay seated for prolonged periods of time.

As humans, we need to move about and get the blood circulating inside our bodies. Some people remedy this by standing up every once in a while and stretching out those muscles. However, when you have a lot of things to do and virtually little to no break times included, you’ll need to find a way around it. How can you help yourself work more healthily without sacrificing efficiency? You change your surroundings to adjust to you — and that includes your furniture, your chair, but most importantly, your desk. Let an adjustable standing desk help you get your working life and health back into the road of success.What is an adjustable standing desk?An adjustable standing desk is basically what it sounds like. It is a table or a desk that can easily cater to a height of your preference. Using cogs, knobs, or levers (depending on its design and brand), it can either be adjusted to a higher height or a lower height in accordance to what you need.

How it Helps Your Posture:

Staying seated for hours at a time can be hell to your back. That’s why standing is always recommended, especially if you work a long job. After three or four hours sitting down, your body needs to attain a better stance and position in order to get your blood flowing. Installing an adjustable standing table inside your office or work area can allow you to stand up in the middle of your work and still continue to work while you stand!

Move to Improve:

Comfort plays a big role in the success of whatever task you have on hand. If you feel tired or even constrained by your table, it may lead you to become less comfortable, less efficient, and overall, less productive. By having an adjustable standing table in your work, you can move about freely without having to worry about feeling the constraint of a jarring, stationary desk.Having an adjustable standing desk can also encourage you to move about more and more. In a world where everything is virtually on the computer, more people run the risk of becoming sedentary. This leads to numerous health threats such as obesity — which, in the first place, can all be avoided simply by moving about.

So take the first step to working and living healthily and consider getting your workstation an adjustable standing desk. I was going to link to the one I got, but I had trouble finding it on Amazon. So my advice is to just go browse around and see if you can find something that looks like it would work best for you.

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