How To Meet People When You Work Long Hours On A Computer

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Experts claim that working alone at a computer for long hours could lead to a sense of isolation, even in a busy office. But I think that we can all agree that this problem is magnified greatly if you work from home and are alone in your office all day.

It can get pretty bad.

And according to new research, sitting behind the computer for more than 5 hours daily can also dramatically increase the risk of depression and physical health problems, So not only are you increasing your chances of destroying your personal relationships (whether romantic or otherwise) but you are also probably going to lose your mind.

If you’re an entrepreneur or any type of freelancer working behind your computer for long hours, locked in your home or your office trying to get the job done, then you know exactly how bad it feels to live on your own little island.

Sometimes you need real, organic interaction with other people, which helps to free your mind and to help you to realize that you are not the only person on earth. This can be tough, especially if you just moved to a new town or entered a new industry and haven’t had any kind personal contact yet with people around.

But for people who have to sit behind their computer every single day of the week, stepping out and meeting new people is imperative. Here are some pointers to get you started in the right direction:

How To Socialize If You Are Bound To Your Computer

When you are looking for new places to go where you can socialize and meet new people you want to focus on places where people can talk to each other and have the chance to meet each other over and over on several different occasions, this way you can slowly get to know other people and make friends with them. A place where people with the same interests as you all come together (such as a board game club if you are into board games) is the ideal place to find new friends.

It kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? When you join a group of similar minded individuals who you can talk with on a regular basis it makes sense that you would make friends with some of them. Another benefit of joining groups with members who all share the same interests is the fact that it allow you to experience a sense of belonging. Of course online groups are a possibility too, since there’s very little time involved given the fact that you’re already sitting behind the computer. And, sometimes these online groups will meet up in person, so it can lead to real human connections.

Remember, the chances are good that your social skills have become a little rusty from sitting behind your computer all day. So make a point to sharpen your skills up every time that you get the chance. Be warm and welcoming to those you meet. Really, a simple greeting or handshake while looking directly into someone’s eyes could be a simple and nice starting point to a new friendship.

The other thing you want to make sure to do is to really engage in the conversation any time that you get a chance to talk to somebody you find interesting. Remember, conversation is the best way to get to know people and make a great lasting impression.

If you are shy, one handy way to start a meaningful conversation is to ask for advice. This is a good way to accomplish two things: first, you may get good advice and second; it shows that you trust and respect other people’s opinions, making them more likely to open up to you and start a friendship.

And finally – remember to keep a positive mental attitude at all times. People are naturally attracted to people with a positive attitude.

BONUS TIP: As peculiar as it probably sounds, public transportation can be an effective way to meet new people. This is particularly true if you are many and are looking to meet women who you can date. Give it a try, I think you may be surprised how friendly women can be on the train if you approach them correctly.

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